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Pie Out was the original Trinity Game and it is being played in churches and at youth clubs up and down the country.  Hot on its heals comes "The Canon" a game which will get all your children involved, even if they are only in the audience!

Next in the pipeline is "The Map Game".  So far we have made a proof of concept game and tested it at youth group, where it went down a storm.

Pie Out

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A great game for older children and young people, adults tend to like it as well!

Pie Out is a big Screen Quiz Game developed for playing at christian youth and children's clubs, groups and events.

A game of Pie Out has one question and 16 answers.  10 of the answers are correct and 6 are wrong, players take turns to guess at the answers displayed on the screen.  A player gets points when they choose a correct answer but scores nothing when wrong.  However, three of the wrong answers are Pie Outs!  A Pie Out gets the contestant a Custard Pie in the face (not supplied).

The Canon

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The Canon is a great game for two teams or players who compete to be the first to correctly predict the sequence of six Bibles as they open on the screen. Similar to guessing higher or lower when drawing cards from a pack, players have to guess whether the next bible will open on a book before or after the current one. The tension builds quickly as the players discover how difficult it is to guess correctly 5 times in a row!

The Canon familiarises kids with the spelling and pronunciation of the bible books and can help to teach the (canonical) order of the books in a fun game.

The Map Game

Out of an idea from YFC's rs2 programme, the "Jig-Map" jigsaws and a passion for maps— "The Map Game" has been developed.

A map of bible lands appears on the big screen, all of the towns have their name's in place, but after a few seconds a click of the mouse moves all of the place names to the bottom of the screen.  The contestants then take turns to drag the place names to the correct locations. If they get it right then they score a point, when they are wrong all of the place names return to the bottom of the screen!

A library of bible atlas's and map books need to be studied before creating lots more map games.  Work is also required on game play and scoring, the number of players etc. All feedback and development suggestions are welcome.