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Do more with your video projector than song words, sermon points and the occasional Hillsongs video.

Trinity Games produce high quality, fully interactive games that turn your youth group or church in to a Game Show venue.

You can customise our games, making them ideal for use as part of a teaching programme, as a meeting opener or a theme re-enforcer.

No matter the size of group or congregation, Trinity Games are a hit with a handful of teenagers on a Sunday evening, at family services and with 700 8's to 11 year olds at Spring Harvest.


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The original Trinity Game was Pie Out—A great game for older Children and Young People, Adults tend to like it as well!

The Canon is a game full of tension, excitement and a great deal of frustration.  All you have to do is predict whether the next Bible will open before or after the current one, it's a lot harder than you'd think.

The next game in development is "The Map Game" which will teach the geography of the Bible Lands through a fun game.



Ever lose track of the score?

Whether it's crab-football or steal the bacon, keeping the score of a fast moving game is never easy.  Widgets are simple, handy programs that make use of the big screen to make things clear for everyone in the room.

Almost forgot to mention it, our widgets are free!